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on December 01, 2021

Selling and servicing equipment is a great business to be in, but there are plenty of challenges as the business grows. Your company may offer a combination of sales, service, reconditioning, and rental. If you end up turning to multiple software solutions to manage your data and processes, it becomes hard to know where you are making (or even losing) money and can leave your team frustrated with an inefficient process. 

A good Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can help. By using one software solution to manage all departments, you'll save time, energy and money that would otherwise be lost trying to grow your business with multiple disparate systems.

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Consider the following scenario

You purchase a new piece of equipment for your rental fleet. That piece of equipment is then upfitted, modified, and rented out to your customers. You have it repaired as needed. After a few years, you resell that piece of equipment. Can you easily track the purchase cost, labor cost, parts cost, rental income, and sales income on that one piece of equipment? Using multiple systems that lack centralization to track the costs would be disjointed and inefficient, ultimately resulting in time wasted and lost profits.

However, if you can track equipment history, service & repair, rental, and sell the equipment with fully integrated software for equipment rental companies, then you can have clear insight into which products and services are making you money and which ones need your attention.Equipment Rental

ERP designed for Equipment Sales & Service

Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) is an ERP solution that is industry-specific. EBMS allows sales, service, manufacturing, and rental departments to all work inside one software solution, sharing the same data across inventory management, accounting, payroll, and business intelligence. This equips you and the team to run a smooth operation and make data-driven decisions as you grow.

One simple solution that allows you to...

  • Schedule work orders and billing with invoicing tools
  • Access parts inventory and record labor
  • Find the full history of a piece of equipment, including total cost and total revenue
  • Create accurate financial reports with centralized data
  • And more

Because all of your team members are connected and working from the same data, your operations will be more streamlined and you'll be in a better place to make sound financial decisions.

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How do I implement ERP for my company?

The industry experts at Eagle Business Software are eager to guide you toward the solution that is best for your business. Eagle has already partnered with hundreds of clients that have been able to streamline their workflow and drive business growth after implementing ERP.

During each step of our proven process, you can be sure that your business goals and ROI will be kept the main priority. 

The Eagle Journey (the proven process)

  1. 1. Discover: Our first goal is understanding your business challenges and goals so we can recommend a solution that brings the highest Return on Investment

  2. 2. Onboard: Next, we prepare and set up the system as your requirements dictate and test it with your data to make sure everything is working smoothly in preparation for going live

  3. 3. Build: After going live, we will work closely with you to build on the EBMS foundation and make sure that your team is off and running well with the software

  4. 4. Engage: Our dedicated in-house client services team is available to answer questions, address problems, and escalate a support ticket when necessary. You will also be assigned a dedicated account manager that will proactively check-in and work with you on any ongoing goals and needs as you grow your business

  5. Learn More Discuss ERP with an Expert
  6. Your company needs to be profitable. Implementing a streamlined, fully-integrated ERP for equipment dealers offering sales, service, and rentals can help get your processes aligned and give your clear insight into your business.

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