How do I upgrade to new software?

on September 16, 2020

Replacing your current financial and business software system is a big decision. You are determining requirements to run your operations, what you can afford, when is the best time to change, and, perhaps most importantly, who you will work with to implement your new solutionTogether, we want to help you answer these important questions. 

The first step to finding answers is to understand how your business defines success and your vision for the future. This is what we call the discovery phase and lays the framework to evaluate whether a small business ERP solution will work towards achieving your goals.

Business evaluation is just the beginning of a journey that guides you through upgrading to new business software. If you choose to move forward with a solution from Eagle, we will then implement the software and help put it to work for your business.  

Having engaged with clients for more than thirty years, we have developed a roadmap that explains what you can expect when upgrading your software. We call this the Eagle Journey. This journey is proven, yet flexible, because we don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Here is what you can expect when working with us: 

The Eagle Journey - Simple

Discover: Understand your business.

Our primary goal when we first start talking to you is to understand your business so that we can help you make the best decision. We want to know what you are experiencing today and the problems you need to solve with a new solution.  If we think EBMS is a great fit for you, we will tell you.  If we think another product is better suited for your business, we’ll tell you that too.

As we learn more about your business, personalized software demos will address specific needs and make industry-proven recommendations. Our team helps you understand how others in the industry are using the software and then design a project plan that meets your requirements. 

Onboard: Go live and start using the software.

In this stage, we convert requirements into working solutions.  The system is prepared and setup as your requirements dictate. General accounting practices are used but adapted to your workflow needs.  Existing business data is imported and migrated to transition business processes correctly.  Throughout this step, you work with an assigned project team that drives your project to success. 

Personalized testing and training will equip your team to use the software efficiently. Before you go live, we will test the software with your data to ensure everything is working smoothly for your business. 

Build: Get the most out of your software.

Going live is a big step but your journey with Eagle Business Software is just beginning.  You’ll need continued support and training to get the most out of your investment. During implementation and beyond, we work closely with you on things like making sure month-end closes successfully and that reporting is meeting your needs.  

During this phase, we work to understand your existing processes and how it could be done better and faster in EBMS. What processes could be more efficient if done electronically in EBMS?  How can what you do now be automated with EBMS? As we intentionally work towards updating your day-to-day workflow, you will solve bottlenecks and eliminate inefficient practices. 

This is also the time we tackle bigger phase two initiatives. Whether implementing brand new workflow or expanding best practices, our goal in this phase is to make your business more efficient. 

Engage: Empower business growth.

With EBMS you have a solution for the future. This last Engage phase is ongoing as long as your company is actively using EBMS. Our dedicated in-house client services team is on standby to answer your questions, address problems, and escalate a support incident when necessary. Whether that be the person who implemented your software or someone else, we work as a team, so everybody is ready to support you in any way you need. 


Our team is available to guide and train staff in efficient and best practices. Your staff will have the opportunity to participate in educational events throughout the year and access a wealth of training videos and tutorials 


Regular check-ins are scheduled with your account manager to address pain points and solve the bottlenecks that keep you from reaching goals.  Whether it’s a need, concern, or future planning – your assigned account manager is here for the long-term, providing clarity, communication, and advocacy. From workflow training to custom requests - we build working relationships and listen to your feedback to enhance your overall experience.  


Consultants familiar with your business model will continue to walk with you into business growth.  Our consultants understand complex needs and take a proactive approach to the changes you may experience. Whether that is adding a new location, customizing the solution, or adding new employees, our team is prepared to advance your initiatives 


You have goals for your business, and our job is to make sure you have the tools to reach them.  Continued software updates and patches, year-end and tax resources, and managed service plans, allow your software to run at optimal levels. As a company, we invest in upgrades, add-on feature packs, and apps to provide a platform that is built to last. As your business changes and expands, our goal is to empower your business to grow long into the future.  


By now we hope you understand that we are more than just a software company. A new ERP solution is a significant undertaking for any business and requires professional services and support. The Eagle team is committed to showing up and serving you each step of the way. As a total solution provider, your success is our mission!  


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