Zimmermans Auto Body Supplies, Inc.

Founded in 1979 by Ed Zimmerman, Zimmerman's Auto Body Supplies grew out of a body work shop he had managed since the age of eighteen. Since then, it has grown to four locations operating as separate entities but with the same function. It was after the addition of a York location that they chose to incorporate the Eagle Business Software into the fabric of their company. No longer just a body shop supplier, today Zimmerman's Auto Body Supply has become an industrial, manufacturing and farm shop supplier.  View Zimmerman's Auto Body Supplies website

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Located in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, the business is a diversified one, lending itself to various fields and industries. One such field includes carriage making for the Amish, making up 10-15% of their sales. Zimmerman’s also reconditions farm equipment and has recently branched into cabinetry with automotive paint. “Pretty much anything that takes paint, wheels or no wheels, we’ll sell it to them,” says Ed's son Cory, now General Manager of the business. The customer base is broad, extending throughout Lancaster County and into Harrisburg.

Somewhere between adding locations, Zimmerman realized "we needed to change software big time.” Some of the challenges resolved by the Eagle Business Software were the antiquated MS DOS based system as well as the point of sale and accounting, which Zimmerman felt was “very time consuming” and unable to be integrated smoothly into the system. He felt it necessary for the business to know the profit center and its own inventory. EBMS changed the way we did buying, taking it from a spreadsheet to a purchasing screen and allowed them to “figure out what went wrong where, and how to fix it," giving them the ability to measure the problem themselves.

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Along with an “increase in volume without increase in office work,” the Vendor Catalog, Manipulated Prices and Automated Time Clock are among the features that best benefit the business of Zimmerman's Auto today.

“What’s really neat about [EBMS],” says Zimmerman, “is that when we run out of stuff, we are able to check other locations for supplies.” Another positive feature he noted is that the business “does not need to go to the accountant to see where we’re at financially. Before, we didn’t know till the end of the year what our profits were. Now, it’s just fantastic, you just go in and know what every store is doing.”

Additional features, such as Barcode Scanning and e-Commerce web services, are available through the software of Esh Computer Center and may be Zimmerman's next step toward improving their quality of business. 


Services offered by Zimmerman's Auto Body Supplies, Inc.:

  • Technical consultant; on site troubleshooting
  • Collision industry
  • Custom color matching
  • Technical audits for a shop
  • Prospective client spend day, document violations, offer proposals
  • Inspection on auto body shops
  • Training via manufacturers


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