Yoder's Country Market

Nestled among the hills of central Virginia can be found a truly unique business that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Since 1984, Yoder’s Country Market has been providing a friendly, wholesome experience for young and old alike. This country market provides an ever-expanding inventory of quality products for your kitchen.

They specialize in stocking hard to find bulk food and offer organic, gluten-free and sugar-free food items. Homemade baked goods are also in big demand and Yoder’s Country Market sells a wide variety of breads, pies, cakes and cookies all made from scratch by local, state certified, and Mennonite bakers. 

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The deli is a very busy part of the store as customers have the privilege of purchasing sandwiches fixed to their particular tastes. An indoor dining area offers protection from the weather and a quiet place to enjoy homemade soups and salads.  Many health products can be found on their shelves along with kitchen gadgets, books, Bibles, gifts, and much more. A petting zoo can be found in the barnyard and is a hit with almost everyone.

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With a business as diverse as this it is not surprising that the DOS-based system Yoder’s Country Market had been using was not meeting their needs. Besides lacking the management tools required for their business it was difficult for new users to learn and it was not able to handle the growth the business was experiencing.

When Michael Yoder was introduced to Eagle Business Software he was impressed with the broad capabilities of the system. Very important to him was the ability to price products quickly, to streamline his checkout lanes, and a user interface that was very easy to learn by even those who had never used a computer. He also recognized that the ability to efficiently manage an E-commerce website would allow him to expand his business beyond the 50-mile radius his current customers originate from.


Michael has found that Eagle Business Software has given him the tools he needs to manage this family business, started by his parents Owen and Erma Yoder, which has grown from the 7’ x 11’ bulk food store it was in 1984 to the diverse business employing 25 people it is today.


The “neatest’ feature Michael likes about Eagle Business Software is the ability to set date ranges on price changes for products. He can take a group of items and mark them up or down for a given period and expect when that time comes that the price will be automatically changed. He can also expect that when the time passes the original price will be returned. Michael has stated that the transaction history and audit trail capabilities make this software “truly built for the manager.” As Yoder’s Country Market continues to grow he is depending on his partnership with Eagle Business Software to allow him to make informed decisions.


If you ever find yourself in Pratts, Virginia, stop and ask a local the quickest way to Yoder’s Country Market. You will never forget your experience there or the friendly service offered.


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