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For over 30 years the Stoll Fireplace Doors metal smiths have been building some of the industry's finest and most elegant fireplace enclosures. With an enormous variety of colors, styles, and options, each fireplace is custom designed to meet your specific needs and style.

Many factors can influence the success of a business: timing, talent and opportunity to name a few. When Bill Stoll moved to Abbeville, South Carolina in 1969, and started a small machine shop with his sons, he never dreamed it would grow into a manufacturing company that would meet the needs of fireplace owners across the United States. It all started as a home-improvement project to fix his drab fireplace. Soon, neighbors requested Bill do for their fireplaces what he had done for his own.

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Over time, the word continued to spread that Bill Stoll knew how to transform a simple fireplace into a work of art. By the mid-1970s heating oil prices made fireplaces more popular, which increased the demand for Bill’s fireplace doors and enclosures. By the 1990's, Stoll's fireplace doors and enclosures were being marketed nation-wide through a network of dealers. Today the business operates in a 25,000 square-foot building managed by Bill's two sons, Dennis and Robert. Stoll Fireplace has produced over 10,000 fireplace doors throughout the United States.

As demand increased, the needs of the business grew. Quality control, Customer Service and shipping issues became overwhelming tasks for the small workforce. There were also the demands for more options in color and design, and all of these elements required some way to be recorded, measured and tracked.

For the solution, Dennis Stoll sought out the creators of Eagle Business Management System.   Dennis did not feel confident that just any store-bought software was capable of applying itself to every aspect of the fireplace business. So, in the summer of 2001, Jake Esh of Eagle Business Management System spent two days evaluating and analyzing the needs of the business. The customizable nature of Eagle Business Management System software made it possible for Jake to offer a solution that would reduce office labor, simplify order entry, and improve inventory tracking and management.

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The system also included a barcode scanning solution that tracks the time and dates that orders are completed. Automatic sales-order faxing was also added to send order confirmations to customers after an order was entered, thus eliminating many hours of manual faxing with a fax machine. Eagle Business Management System software even tracked multiple orders for the same customer, which made it easier to group orders into one efficient shipment.

The staff at Eagle-Solutions and Esh Computer Center would like to express our thanks to Stoll Fireplace for being a valued customer. We have enjoyed working with the friendly Stoll Fireplace staff.

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