Lancaster Stone Company Inc.


You have seen it… the stone home across the block – recently built – with a four-car garage. Or is it stone? Perhaps it is manufactured stone veneer, and just possibly this product is within your budget range!

Lancaster Stone Company is located in Leola, Pennsylvania, along Farmland Road. The business was founded in 1998.

PermaStone, the predecessor of manufactured stone veneer, has been on the market for approximately 50 years. Now, with new mold methods, manufactured stone has the texture and appearance of genuine stone. It is light-weight, durable, and cost-efficient. To choose to purchase stone veneer is to choose a fast method of receiving the building supplies you need.


Five lines of stone are available, each in 40/50 different colors. The most popular line is Field Stone. Chisel-Edge Cobble is the newest choice. Cobblestone and Drystack are two other options, with River Rock coming soon! Various accessories are available, including brick, which beautifully complements stone veneer.

Complete manufacturing of light-weight aggregate is done in-house. Pigments are matched to acquire the necessary color. Cement is mixed. The wet product is skillfully placed in the proper mold. The mold is slid onto a stacker. It will remain here for a 24-hour cure. The next step is the automatic de-molding machine. Flats, corners, sills and brick are each made with their own specifications. Packaging, boxing and shipping are all part of the process. Trucks deliver to customers within a 300-mile radius.


Production is done so precisely that one stone is rarely repeated in a job. In a 2,000 square foot job, one might observe that a stone would be repeated as few as four times. This ensures a real-to-life look for any completed stone wall. When asked what he enjoys most about his job, Keith Wenger, plant manager of Lancaster Stone Company, Inc., replied: "Knowing I am in charge of producing a quality product.”

Recent automation at Lancaster Stone have decreased the amount of necessary manual labor and, as a result, efficiency has increased. Dale Groff acknowledges the abilities of Dean and other skilled employees at Beiler Hydraulics, Leola, PA. Their engineering ingenuity has been a tremendous asset.

Lancaster Stone Company, Inc. is a manufacturer only. Dale Groff is quoted to have said, “We do not install. We focus on producing a quality product .” A large referral sheet, which includes names of reputable masons, is given to the satisfied customer. This allows the customer the freedom to schedule a mason which will best suit their job.



If you are a builder, sample boards are available – an excellent way for you to view options and to decide what would be best for your customer. A showroom and outside displays also give evidence of quality.

Behind every successful business is a reliable accounting system. Lancaster Stone started with Quick Books. Today, they are a proud owner of the Eagle Business Management Software, an accounting system available through Esh Computer Center. EBMS is a complete accounting system which includes inventory control, point-of-sale, manufacturing, and much more.

Employees of Lancaster Stone appreciate the time clock feature of EBMS. Bar-coding the product line is the next aspect of the software they would like to incorporate into their business.

Dale Groff, owner of Lancaster Stone Company Inc., would recommend EBMS to any business! He says EBMS makes accounting easy. Lancaster Stone takes advantage of the Eagle Business Bookkeeping Services that are available through Esh Computer. An employee of ECC goes on-site each week to do the necessary book work. Billing, payroll, accounts receivable, and taxes are completed for two aspects of Lancaster Stone. This is the efficiency that more businesses need.

Perhaps your business has no need for a full-time secretary. Are you concerned about doing taxes properly, but uncertain of all the technicalities? Possibly your secretary is not familiar with general ledger. Contact Eagle Solutions to speak with someone about the possibility of having Eagle Bookkeeping Services handle your time-consuming “paperwork." It could be done at your location or taken care of at the Eagle Solutions office. 


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