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Focusing primarily on aftermarket accessories, Keystone Auto & Performance Parts has been serving the area surrounding Newry, Pennsylvania since 1994.  It has grown rapidly over the past years and was pleased to increase its sales by 1000% during a span of only thirteen years. 

Jim Lolas, owner of Keystone Auto & Performance Parts feels the primary reason for the success of the business has been the personalized service they offer each of their clients.  The relationships they build keep customers coming back regularly, even from a distance.  Many clients travel 70 – 80 miles to do repeat business and in an age where many people are starting to buy more and more product online this company still gets 99% of its revenue from walk-in customers.  The opportunity to connect with fellow performance enthusiasts and speed shop owners encourages loyalty. It doesn’t matter what the customer needs Jim gets it.  He has even been known to sell toilet paper, vinegar, and Clorox if a business needed it.


Keystone Auto & Performance Parts stocks a wide variety of parts including truck accessories, speed, and performance products. Parts are available from more than 400 vendor lines and if the more than 17,000 parts in stock do not fulfill a customer’s need they can usually be acquired by the next day. Most of the customers make a purchase and install the accessory themselves, but Keystone Auto also offers to install many of the products they sell.

Early in 2008 Jim faced the reality of his business management system being phased out.  With the looming certainty of an obsolete and unsupported inventory management and point-of-sale software system he turned to Eagle Business Software for a solution.  After reviewing a couple of options, Jim chose Eagle Business Software because of its powerful inventory control and competitive price.

The switch from a Unix based system to a Windows system took some getting used to but after a year of using it Jim is very pleased with the results.  Some of the features he finds most beneficial are its ability to keep track of customer history, the ease of accessing detailed customer records, and the quick access to inventory details. He also likes the accurate tracking of parts that need to be ordered and the intuitive inventory purchasing system. 

There was no way of managing Accounts Payable or Payroll in the old system and now with the ability of tracking and managing all revenue and expenses Jim is excited about cutting his accountant’s bills in half.

Likely one of the neatest thing in EBMS to him is the comprehensive and flexible payroll. He has found payroll to be relatively easy to use and very quick when compared to the system of spreadsheets he used in the past.

The powerful inventory management tools available with Eagle Business Software are helping him make wise decisions on product to stock, how to price it, and knowing what is not turning over profitably.

One of the Eagle Business Software modules Jim is considering for the future is the Vendor Catalog module. This module is a very powerful tool which allows inventory price sheets from multiple suppliers to be imported into Eagle Business Software. As price updates are released a simple process updates all the items that have been imported. In an industry where there are literally millions of different parts one of the biggest challenges is keeping all of it up to date.

Most of the parts Keystone Auto & Performance Parts handle are available from their primary supplier, Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. This warehouse delivers to their location four times a week and stocks most parts so that they are available for delivery the next day. This ensures that even if Keystone Auto does not have the part in stock they are able to acquire it by the next day.

Eagle Business Software has automated and integrated their system with Keystone Automotive Operations and Keystone Auto is able to lookup stock in the four primary warehouses in real time. If a customer walks in looking for a part the salesperson is able to look up the part using a Year, Make, Model search built into Eagle Business Software He can display pictures of the various options, check the stock in the warehouses, verify cost and with a click, add it to the sales invoice. The salesperson also has the ability to immediately create a Purchase Order linked to the sales invoice and electronically upload the order to Keystone Automotive Operations.  If there is a shipping charge for the delivery of the part the salesperson will be notified and is then able to inform the customer. The salesperson  can also monitor the progress of each individual item on the order as it moves through Keystone Automotive Operations computer system.  He can tell when the order has been received, picked, and shipped. Product available from Keystone Automotive Operations is updated daily with any applicable changes. Descriptions, Jobber pricing, Flyer Pricing and much more is automatically updated. 

The switch to Eagle Business Software was also made easier by the transfer of data from the old system to the new. All the customers, suppliers, and inventory were moved over as well as a history of all parts sold for the last two years along with the customers who purchased them. The purchasing detail was also inherited allowing for accurate inventory aging reports to be generated. This allowed Keystone Auto & Performance Parts to phase into the new system without a great amount of downtime or lost data.

Keystone Auto & Performance Parts is looking forward to continued growth throughout the coming years as the markets stabilize. They will continue to focus on customer loyalty and customer service as a means of increasing business opportunities and revenue. If you are ever in the Newry, PA area, look up this thriving small business and say “hi” to Jim and the team. Ask him how Eagle Business Software is helping him to manage his business.  


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