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Hollabaugh Brothers Inc.

It should be a well-known fact that nestled a few miles from the town of Gettysburg is an agricultural wonder. Hollabaugh Bros., Inc., voted “Gettysburg’s Greatest” farm market for the last three years, is an expanding business well known for their fresh fruit, especially quality apples in the fall.

Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. began as a simple fruit and vegetable stand with production acreage of only 55 acres. As their business grew in success and production, Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. continued to expand their buildings and property. Recently they razed their 50-year-old fruit stand and erected a new, 14,000 square foot facility that includes a larger cold storage area, warehouse, bakery, educational center, and retail market center.



Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. is a family owned business, founded in 1955 by twin brothers, Donald and Harold Hollabaugh. Today, the business is still held by the family, owned and operated by members of the second and third generations.

The business now thrives from their 500-acre farm, much of which is planted to orchards. Apples and other tree fruit hang from well-manicured trees and are sold to many local customers. Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. also distributes their quality goods by wholesale extending from the New England states, through the Mid-Atlantic region, and into the south and Midwest.

Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. set up their first computer around 1980 and used the Harvest Management System, which met their needs for piecework payroll and yield accounting. However, over time they found the need for a more comprehensive accounting software for their business.

Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. currently uses the EBMS software system to help run and maintain their business. They also use the Xpress POS system as well as the Horticulture module quite extensively.


As Brad Hollabaugh, one of the owners of the business, emphasizes, “the Horticulture module within EBMS allows better management of the orchard units as profit centers and helps us to analyze the operation in a way that would be tremendously time-consuming otherwise.”

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Eagle Business Software is happy to provide Hollabaugh Bros., Inc. with what they need in order to continue expanding their business. A growing farm family operation such as Hollabaugh Bros. Inc. deserves recognition for what they do, from the roots of the apple tree to the luscious fruit it produces.

If you ever find yourself in the Gettysburg area don’t miss the chance to visit this unique farm market or take a tour of the grounds! If you can’t meet with them in person, they’ll be happy to accommodate you online at hollabaughbros.com.


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