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It’s all about the action at Gap Power! This place is every man’s dream with a full toolbox of every tool ever needed. Gap Power has rapidly grown into a resource the communities of Lancaster and Chester Counties of Southeastern Pennsylvania have come to count on. What started as an Outdoor Power Equipment retailer in 1986 has morphed into a diversified business well known for its wide selection of products available for rent.
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Construction crews, homeowners, farmers, and everyone who needs that elusive tool for their home improvement project can find it at Gap Power. Founder Willy Stoltzfus attributes the success of the business to a focus on “carefully serving great customers.” He views Gap Power's “remodeling and building contractor customers as talented and resourceful craftsmen who appreciate well-tuned tools and equipment.”

It is no surprise that this obsession with customer service has put huge demands on both those employed by Gap Power and also on the business management software used to streamline the very diverse needs of the business. When Willy decided to implement another software solution he clearly recognized that his current system was not able to provide the necessary features needed to provide the customer service experience he required. Most companies have their hands full with managing a retail store, or a rental store, or a service center; but to manage all three effectively while using only one business software solution is difficult indeed. Willy has found that through his partnership with Eagle Business Software he is able to manage each department separately and yet have all three seamlessly integrated into one.

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Inventory management is one of the most crucial challenges of Gap Power and Willy is able to manage stock levels intuitively by using the Advanced Inventory functionality. This module optimizes stock levels by assessing historical sales data and product life cycles. Using these advanced algorithms, Willy has been able to dramatically increase sales at Gap Power while maintaining the same capital investment in stock inventory for years.


As Gap Power’s customer base has grown and diversified so have the demands of serving them quickly and efficiently. Willy believes one method that will augment the customer’s ability to quickly and knowledgeably purchase or rent products is via the website. As more and more businesses supply their crews with web-enabled devices they are able to browse available inventory and make the desired purchase and request the equipment’s delivery. The presence of Gap Power online is central to its future. Once more a seamless integration with the rest of the management system is provided by the E-commerce module. The website is managed from within the Eagle Business Software. Sales Orders appear within seconds of being entered online and can be processed appropriately.

 As Gap Power continues to grow and expand its forte the partnership with Eagle Business Software will continue to be a driving force in providing Gap Power the resources needed to continue to “carefully serve its great customers.” If you ever have the opportunity to visit Gap, Pennsylvania, please stop in and experience for yourself the friendly, knowledgeable service this business offers.


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