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Cocalico Plumbing and Heating

Did you know this company started in a two-door garage? Cocalico Plumbing and Heating first began in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania in a two car garage, . The year was 1990 when Jonathan Moyer started this company.


In its humble beginning, the company was gaining momentum through much hard work and prompt and courteous service. Fair and reasonable rates also helped. At that time there were only four employees.

Growth was gradual and steady. As the customer base grew, an employee was added to accommodate the growth, whether it was heating or plumbing. Cocalico has had a good reputation for having great employee and employer relationships. Three years ago, Cocalico purchased a heating company and that transition went very smoothly. In March of 2006, CPH moved to 27 N. Fourth Street in Denver, PA. 


Cocalico Plumbing and Heating serves Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks, and Chester Counties. With five service trucks and thirty-two employees, they are able to reach into neighboring communities with their service and expertise.

In December of 2004, Cocalico implemented Eagle Business Management Software for their accounting and business management needs. When asked about a deciding key factor in their decision for EBMS, “expandability as our business grows and local support” was their response. Another benefit is that the software is easy to learn and use, and has the ability to have long-term history records for customers, vendors and employees.

Advanced Inventory and Job Costing are two key modules that really helped Cocalico Plumbing and Heating organize and streamline their business. EBMS includes a comprehensive Inventory Management system. Managing inventory is a very important part of a profitable company. Managing pricing, tracking parts, and cataloging options is especially important for a sales, distribution, or service company. Associating the items sold to the purchase invoice is often necessary to properly process warranties or to meet mandatory reporting requirements. The inventory module includes the tools and data required to properly purchase, sell, and manage a large number of inventory items.

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The Job Costing module of EBMS is used to analyze individual construction, manufacturing, or other types of jobs. This powerful tool is used by a manager that makes decisions based on the profitability of individual projects or jobs. This module includes job information, job stages, job costs, and more. The EBMS Job Costing module allows custom tailored information to meet the needs of a building contractor or a manufacturing company.

The Tasks and Work Orders module within EBMS is used to record work order information and invoice service jobs. The many labor management tools allow the user to summarize service labor for efficiency and profitability. This module also includes a flexible scheduling tool to sort, query, and manage different technicians or service trucks.

When asked about some of the challenges that were resolved by using EBMS, Cocalico Plumbing responded “Better access to a customer’s history and records.” Susan Moyer also notes that “the software has great expandability and a good support network. This is the third software program that we tried. It's too bad that we didn't know about EBMS from day one. That sure would have saved us a lot of headaches.”

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