Time = Money. This App Saves You Both!

on May 16, 2019

If you are in any kind of service industry you know that time equals money.

Do your technicians find themselves trying to figure out how much time was spent on each job at the end of the day? Are you left trying to accurately track time with inaccurate, messy time sheets as well as scrambling to evaluate labor expense and employee efficiency? 

Field service apps are the latest means to arm your technicians for success and automate your workflow. Integrated with EBMS CRM, work orders, payroll, and billing tools, the MyTime app makes tracking time simple and efficient for service technicians in the shop and on the road. 

EBMS is now offering a 90-minute workflow consultation to help you implement the MyTime app. Partner with an industry expert to evaluate your current workflow and address how to improve time tracking in your business.Request a Demo

Arm Field Service Technicians for Success 

MyTime-iStock-621981186(1)Track Time the Easy Way: Technicians need an accurate and simple way to keep track of time spent, whether on daily tasks, work orders, or appointments. When you have many different jobs going at the same time, time and details can easily get away from you. The MyTime app makes clocking in and out from a mobile Windows tablet a breeze. Technicians simply clock in at  the start of the day and all time is recorded as each task is open and completed. Review, edit, and approve hours wherever you are.

Record Service History: Don’t wait until the end of the day to organize and record details from each job. Now techs can efficiently access a variety of work orders, phone calls, contacts, and tasks while in the shop, on the road, or around the world. Important job notes, all materials used, and the time spent are recorded, all from the convenience of a remote device.

Improve Customer Service: Are your employees left scrambling for contact info, directions, and work order history and notes? Give your field service technicians the ability to quickly review work order and customer details so that they can do their job properly and efficiently. Techs can also function as sales persons by showing their customers pricing, getting a customer signature, and emailing an invoice before leaving the site. After all service business success is measured by the satisfaction of its customers.

Automate Workflow

mytime deviceReal Time Scheduling: Create comprehensive employee schedules that can be viewed from the app. Make updates and interact with technician schedules in real time. Job schedulers also get more accurate information, including travel time, job start/completion times, hours, and more. This allows dispatchers to make better, more accurate decisions when planning work. 

Bill Immediately: When completing work at a customer’s location, the customer can be billed
before leaving the job site, reducing the time it takes to get paid. The technician completes the work order, adds any materials used, and completes the invoice. Payments are recorded and a copy of the invoice is automatically emailed to the customer - all before leaving the job location. MyTime App imageStreamline Payroll: Goodbye paper log sheets and manual time entry. All time tracking is automatically connected to work order details and populated in the employee’s timecard. Employees can be given access to simply start and stop timers or to enter and change timecard hours. Never pull another payroll all-nighter. 

Seamless Integration: The MyTime app is connected to existing customer info, work orders, service tickets, timecards, and invoicing within EBMS for comprehensive data sharing.

Where do I start?

We know that to successfully use any time entry system may require a change of current company culture and workflow. EBMS is now offering a free 90-minute workflow consultation when you setup and subscribe to the MyTime app. Expires August 31, 2019. Partner with an industry expert to evaluate your current workflow and address how to improve time tracking in your business. 

Instead of late-night data entry, spend your time achieving better goals. Put the power of time tracking in the hands of your employees and save big. Time is ticking. What are you waiting for?

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