Supply chain

Being Proactive During Continued Supply Chain Disruption

on September 13, 2022


Are you struggling to manage various supply chain issues like long lead times and stock shortages? In this video, Deke gives some helpful insight to help you be informed and prepared, collaborate, and communicate as your company navigates continued supply chain volatility. 

Learn how you can

  • Know what you need and when
  • Choose product substitutes
  • Collaborate with others in your industry
  • Communicate with vendors and customers
  • Build margin into your business plan


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Janelle Lieberher

Janelle Lieberher is the Manager of our Account Management team here at Eagle Business Software. She has worn many other hats over the years with us, but this is her favorite! She loves building relationships and finding ways to improve our client’s overall experience. When not engaging with clients or colleagues, Janelle enjoys time with her family, reading and spending time in nature.