Year End

Reflections on 2020...

on December 21, 2020

This past year certainly hasn't cooperated with anyone’s plan for it. Yet through 2020 we have seen individuals and businesses navigate the challenges (and chaos) incredibly well. Our team has experienced the extremes: hardship, sickness and loss on one side and yet blessing, health and growth on the other. The lessons of this year will continue to be discussed far into the next decade, but even now we have much to be grateful for.

Despite the many COVID disruptions, some of our clients have experienced record growth this year. And many – if not all – are navigating change in ways that will yield positive results long after this pandemic is over.

We tend to dislike change unless we initiate it! However, all improvements and growth require an element of change. As one business coach put it, “if there’s one good thing we know is coming out of the challenge of 2020, it’s that people and organizations are more change-ready and adaptable.” As our team has been pressed through a variety of changes, we have become a stronger organization.

At Eagle we remain focused on our mission of making business growth easier by putting ERP software to work. Despite moving our communication to virtual workspace, our team is staying connected with clients, equipping teams to solve problems, and working hard to create useful technology solutions.

In many ways, this year has only served to strengthen client relationships. More than ever, we are intent on increasing the value of EBMS for our clients. Clients continue to invest in training and implement additional features to leverage the software in new and better ways.

October marked a milestone for us as we held a virtual product reveal event around the all new MyEBMS app suite. Excitement is building as we continue efforts to bring new technology to the market.

Our first principle is service that brings value to our clients. This includes quick response times, no latency in the process, and clear next steps. It is true that in general, we are getting increasingly positive feedback from clients; at the same time, it’s also true that we have plenty of room to grow. We are eager to align with your goals and expectations for both software and service and would enjoy hearing from you. What should we start doing? What should we stop doing? What is working well for you?

Whether you have faced extreme challenges, growth, or change, our team is grateful for the opportunity to have served you. Please reach out to us if you care to share your thoughts and goals for your partnership with Eagle in 2021.

All the best,

Mike Stoltzfus
CEO, Eagle Business Software

Mike Stoltzfus

Mike is the CEO of Eagle Business Software.