Enter orders anywhere, anytime with the MyOrders app. 

Don't limit entering orders to the shop or sales room. This app equips your staff to discuss stock, check pricing, and verify order information from any location. Say goodbye to paper order forms, inaccurate product info, and calls back to the office.

Many times interaction with customers happens outside of the office or sales room. The MyOrders app helps you maximize sales opportunity anywhere and anytime. Designed for the outside salesperson, this is the powerful EBMS (Eagle Business Management Software) order entry available on your mobile device.


Quickly showcase your catalog and easily add and remove items to orders with a few simple taps and clicks. Pull up a customer from your list on the app to start a new order. Browse your product catalog or search for an item to add to your order. Prefer adding items to your order using a barcode scanner? We’ve got that covered too.

Before confirming your order, you’ll have the chance to apply discounts, specify order options like shipping addresses and preferences, and view totals. Wrap up by applying a down payment and sending an email confirmation.

Once you have completed your order it will sync to your EBMS ERP system so that back office can immediately move the order into processing and fulfillment.


Advantages for your sales staff include: 

  • Creating and verifying orders from the customer's location
  • Full visibility into customer accounts, order history, and specific pricing
  • Searching your mobile catalog, pricing, availability, and details
  • Simple barcode scanning to add products to an order

This app is directly connected to the EBMS order entry dialog.  Orders must be processed from the EBMS order entry system. This app is available for use on a late version Android or iOS device and requires an internet connection.  A Windows 10 Store app is also available.

Whether an outside salesman taking orders, managing consignment, or discussing product pricing and details, you can now conduct business from anywhere. Easier. Faster.

My Orders is only one feature of the MyEBMS app. Features such as remote time entry, shipping and receiving product, and managing tasks are also available. Contact your account manager or request a demo to get started.

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