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Three Areas to Evaluate at Your Business

As the weeks drag on amidst COVID-19, we are beginning to realize that this situation will most likely create long-lasting changes to the way we live ...

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Tips When Working from Home

Are you working from home? Here are a few tips from the Eagle team...  It goes without saying that COVID-19 has rearranged most of our lives and some ...

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Insider Series | The Power of Serialization

  The power is in the details!  This episode is part of an ongoing video series demonstrating tips, tricks, highlights, and features to help you get t...

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Client Journey: A note from the CCO

My, oh, my—where did 2019 go? In the blink of an eye we are well on our way into 2020. Last year was fast-paced and full of changes.

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Get the Brand New EBMS App

We live in a mobile world where instant communication is expected. The brand new MyEBMS app is available for install with more features being availabl...

EBMS Clients

Key Initiatives for 2020

This last year at Eagle Business Software, was all about putting down a better foundation to serve and support our clients.

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Insider Series | The EBMS API Gateway

  It is all about automation! The Application Programming Interface (API) Gateway allows developers to easily interact with EBMS data from other appli...


Online Customer Portal - The competitive edge of customer service.

When interacting with customers, businesses often find large amounts of time consumed by emails and phone calls.  In many cases these communications h...


Could ERP Reduce My End-of-Year Pain?

Year-end is a great time for reflecting back on the year and spending quality time with family and friends. For many of us, year-end marks the end of ...

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Insider Series | Updating Lists of Data

  The end of the year has us all thinking about inventory and how we can keep it updated with as little pain as possible.   This episode is part of an...