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Our Key Initiatives for 2019

on January 28, 2019


I'd like to start by thanking you for being a client of Eagle Business Software, or for simply engaging with us around our technology solutions. Our theme in 2018 was about creating a great client experience, and we are grateful for your feedback around what it means for us to serve you well. I'd like to also thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve our processes around client engagement. We have not arrived, but I am encouraged with the progress that we've made in 2018, and we are more committed than ever to delighting our clients and being easy to do business with. 

As we begin 2019, I'd like to highlight a couple key initiatives we'll be working on this year, and several significant changes to our service subscriptions. 

Key 2019 Initiatives

One of the best things about my role as CEO is meeting with clients, seeing your operation first-hand, and understanding from you how you're using EBMS to streamline and integrate your business processes. I appreciate the input, and we want to put that to work as we get into the new year.

  • We've refined and clarified our vision of "building relationships that empower businesses to grow and people to thrive."
  • We've refined our core strategy to be less focused on being a "low-cost producer" and instead be intensely client focused, even if that means our solutions will cost more.
  • We've reorganized our company around the client. This helps us to better align our resources and processes with what clients need. It also enables us to serve our clients more effectively. We realize that a lack of alignment in the past has led to client frustration, and we're addressing that issue.
  • We've invested in high-quality integration capabilities within current-gen EBMS to allow clients to interface with 3rd party applications, as well as developed mobile apps. We’re thrilled to continue both of these initiatives this year. 

New Subscription Plans

We're understanding with greater clarity what is truly needed for us to succeed at being the small business technology partner you want us to be. This certainly includes expectations of us re-investing in our product and creating new products - it also means investing more in our people and the processes needed to consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. To make this possible, we're making significant changes to our subscription plans this year.

  • Implementing user-based pricing vs feature-based pricing. Our old/current pricing model was designed around features, which creates a relatively high barrier to entry for smaller clients, and offers a robust package for larger organizations at essentially bargain prices. The new pricing model is easier to understand, more scalable, and allows us to be more competitive.
  • Includes more systematic relational touch points. 
  • Includes consulting/technical work into some plan levels. 

We see 2019 as holding plenty of opportunities for us, and we're excited to continue delivering reliable technology solutions and are working hard to keep improving our customer service. If there is anything I can do for you, or if you have any ideas on how Eagle Business Software can serve you better, please let me know.

Happy 2019! 

Mike Stoltzfus
CEO, Eagle Business Software

Mike Stoltzfus

Mike is the CEO of Eagle Business Software.