Fulfill customer orders quickly and efficiently with MyInventory

on November 17, 2022

We know how frustrating it can be to keep track of everything during the picking process, and how easy it is to miss something, especially if you're multitasking. Inaccuracies and mistakes can hinder successful order fulfillment, which will cost you money and time. The MyInventory App simplifies your warehouse operations, and the whole picking process is made easy and hassle-free in real-time with no delays. No more stress, no missing information; save time and eliminate errors.

Because everything's on the device you carry with you, you won't need to manage paper material sheets. Our MyInventory app makes a picker’s life easier by eliminating the need to write on paper and enter data later. You have real-time access to the information needed to fulfill customer orders and it is synced with your EBMS inventory and sales data, giving you tighter inventory control. There is no confusion about what has been ordered or what resources are available for packing and shipping. The job becomes simpler and more efficient for everyone involved.

The MyInventory app allows you to scan items out and mark them as shipped. You see what items need to be picked, how many of those items are available and where they are located in the warehouse. It's mobile, so you can access inventory data from anywhere.

You can also easily search, edit, and view your customer's orders from any device you're using. If you need to make a change before processing the order for shipment, it can be done right away without returning to the warehouse computer.

The MyInventory app works with a variety of barcode scanners and allows you to scan items as they are picked. By eliminating the need to print pick lists and reducing redundancy in the shipping process, MyInventory allows you to streamline order fulfillment and deliver customer orders quickly.

See your Account Manager about getting started with a seamless picking and order fulfillment process using MyInventory!

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