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Make counting inventory easier with our Inventory Management App

on November 02, 2020

This year, perform inventory counts in less time and with more accuracy. 

Most companies take a physical inventory at least once every fiscal yearThat is, count all items in the warehouse, store, or vans to verify that the quantity on record is the same as the actual physical quantity. Adjustments are then made to reconcile the actual count with the count on record.

Accurate inventory counts are extremely important for a multitude of financial and operational reasons, here are just a few of the top ones:

  • Calculate accurate Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) expenses before submitting year-end reports 
  • Get accurate balance sheets and visibility into the financial status of the company
  • Improve operational efficiency by avoiding stock-outs that affect production and create delivery delays
  • Avoid wasting time looking for misplaced or missing items

In the past, entering and adjusting inventory records was mostly the job of desk-bound workers. Now give your team the option to record stock and physical counts from anywhere. The  MyInventory and Scanner app integrates with the powerful Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS) inventory management system to to significantly reduce time and improve accuracy of inventory management.

This light and powerful app can be used on a variety of devices to:

Adjust Counts

Often inventory managers count the product on-hand but the actual count doesn’t match the records in your inventory catalog. From the warehouse, your inventory managers can scan or edit to adjust on-hand counts. Counts are verified and adjusted per item or by the batch. 


Count Stock In Multiple Locations 

Does your business have stock scattered in multiple places such as on warehouse shelves, store- front displays, and service vans? Quickly record inventory per location by using multiple adjustment batches and let EBMS compile the total count of the product. 

Scan Bar Codes

Is your product associated with a UPC code? This makes lookup, management, and editing even easier.  A variety of scanners can be used with the app to meet the needs of your company.  Options include: 


These Inventory management app features bring product visibility and management to any mobile deviceIn addition to performing regular product counts, this app is used in a variety of day-to-day scenarios including:  

  • The Shipping Department scans a sales order and product. Immediately the shipped entry is populated with the products being packed into boxes. 
  • The Receiving or Purchasing Department scans a purchase order and product. The received entry is populated, and product labels are printed.  
  • Salesmen and Service Reps access the product catalog from their phone to view pricing, availability, location, and more. 
  • Inventory Managers  edit product stock, pricing, and details from a mobile device.  Options to create new product and edit existing details make maintaining a product catalog more convenient.   

Make it easier to count your inventory this year and easier for your team to maintain accurate inventory throughout the next.  MyInventory and Scanner is only one feature of the MyEBMS app. Contact your account manager or request a demo to get started.

Try it! 

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