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Insider Series | The Many Ways to Get Paid

on October 07, 2019


Are you struggling to collect customer payments? Eliminate the headaches by discovering how to make getting paid easy. 

This sixth episode is an ongoing video series demonstrating tips, tricks, highlights, and features to help you get the most out of your EBMS software. Today, Nathaniel explains the payment integrations available so that you can choose efficient options for your company.

There are many secure ways to get paid from device based transactions and electronic files to an online payment portal and eCommerce. Whether you are a retail store with a high volume checkout or a distributor handling many charge accounts, discover how to quickly and conveniently capture customer payments.

This video covers—

  • An overview of how payments are securely captured with EBMS. 
  • The integrations available in device based payments including chip cards, contactless payments, gift cards, and more.
  • The value of using electronic files to distribute batch payments in payroll, vendors, and customers.
  • How to securely process payments using a customer preferred credit card on account.
  • A simple way to collect payments from anywhere using an online EBMS payment portal.
  • How to provide an online customer portal that includes customer specific terms, pricing, accounts, history, and the ability to place orders.  
  • An introduction to eCommerce for your Business to Business (B2B) clients.

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Eagle Business Software has developed and expanded the accounting software known as Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS). EBMS evolved from a strong need for a good business software that contained flexibility and reliability without the costly price tag of the larger business packages. The EBMS software includes tools to streamline order entry, manage inventory including large parts lists, labor and work order management, kitting and manufacturing, and comprehensive accounting tools. Tools such as integrated web-based e-commerce solutions, bar code and POS tools, and integrated payment solutions are also available to complete an integrated business management solution. Today the EBMS software solution is used by hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada.