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Increase the Mobility of Your Warehouse Team with the MyInventory App

on March 31, 2022

All businesses sell something. Some businesses sell a lot of things, requiring them to manage stock and set up good processes that encourage efficient inventory turnover. An efficient warehouse is a constant ebb and flow of stock management, receiving, and order fulfillment. Warehouse workers are always moving and need to follow specific procedures to make sure that everything is being accounted for, with accuracy, and it’s all happening quickly.

Making sure your team has the right tools in hand to get the job done will not only increase operational efficiency but will minimize frustrations within the warehouse and for everyone who relies on inventory accuracy (like your salespeople and front office team).

For employees as mobile as those on your warehouse team, providing them with only a computer and a desk to access the data they need can be extremely limiting. When this is the case, they will often turn to paper and clipboards to accomplish the bulk of their work, which they then must enter into the computer later. Tallying inventory counts and writing down product information on paper is an easy way to create inaccuracies. And when your inventory is inaccurate, your whole company pays the price.

MyInventory (part of the MyEBMS suite of apps) is an inventory control mobile app that can equip your warehouse team to work quickly and maintain accuracy. Processes relating to stock management, receiving, and order fulfillment can be done directly from the screen of a mobile phone, tablet, or compatible handheld scanner. MyInventory is designed for the warehouse worker, with specific inventory control processes in mind.

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Stock Management

Manage inventory counts seamlessly, entering products and quantities directly into the app as you move through the warehouse. Data entered is updated in EBMS in real-time, removing the need for duplicate entry and greatly minimizing inaccuracies.

  • Search, edit, and view the product catalog
  • Review and adjust individual and batch counts
  • Simplify year-end inventory
  • Scan in product bar codes (either through the device camera or with a compatible handheld scanner)



If you receive a large shipment off the truck or have pallets stacked in the yard, MyInventory gives your team added mobility to receive these items in, even at a distance from the main receiving area.

  • Associate UPC codes
  • Print labels and reports
  • Assign location
  • Create backorders

Order Fulfillment

Increase the efficiency of your picking process by giving workers access to the data they need right in the app, resulting in reduced double entry during the fulfillment process and saving time on moving product out.

  • Scan the picklist to gather the order
  • Scan product into orders
  • Search, edit, and view orders
  • Populate, print, and process orders

An Efficient Warehouse Benefits the Whole Company

When your inventory processes are efficient and reliable, your entire business benefits. Salespeople know exactly what is available to sell to clients. Purchasing agents can see what items are selling and when to buy in bulk. Your bookkeepers can generate accurate financial reports that show exactly how much money is sitting in your inventory. Reliable and up-to-date data also helps your operations manager implement lean processes throughout the organization, reducing costs and minimizing internal frustration.

For your warehouse team to be successful and keep data accurate, they need a seamless process that is intuitive, minimizes the need for dual entry or paper trails, and moves with them. Equipping them with mobile apps like MyInventory will help them keep moving to get the job done easier and faster.

See MyInventory in Action

Apps are Better Together

When used together, the MyOrders and MyInventory apps help your company simplify intersecting operations. From initial sale to order fulfillment, your team can keep moving and stay connected throughout the entire process. To learn more about how our suite of apps work seamlessly together, reach out to your Account Manager.

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