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How to know if you are getting the most value from your ERP

on August 22, 2018

In industries that are continually changing, it can be challenging to keep up with efficient practices even if you have the right tools. Success comes from constantly honing those tools, much like how a craftsman becomes the best in their field by learning how to use their tools to the fullest potential. In much the same way, you can boost your ROI by increasing software knowledge and utilization.

Boost your company's productivity and employee efficiency

When your company is equipped with the right tools that get the job done faster with higher quality and to a greater degree of professionalism, the organization can’t help but experience the benefits. When you know how to use your tools, the result is a better product for your customer. In this case, the customer is not just your clients but also the organization. Think of your company as a person. Imagine that this person didn’t know how to cook, so they ate at restaurants all the time. The need for sustenance is met, but it’s much costlier and not as nourishing as a home-cooked meal. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll never go hungry again.


Business Process Management (BPM)



Learn how implementing a consulting retainer for your business can increase productivity:


Business process improvement

An ERP is only as good as the business processes that drive it. Being equipped with the right tools is half the battle, but being skilled in their use is the other.

Strong Business Process Management (BPM) gives your company agility to adapt to new conditions as dynamic business environments ebb and flow. It requires outlining each step in your workflow, understanding the impact of these steps on your business and your customers, and modifying it to create a win-win environment.

A good ERP can automate processes, provide visibility into process performance, and produce powerful reporting on business operations. Automation increases your capacity by lessening intensive manual labor required in complex processes. Automation and reporting are powerful tools that provide transparency to decisions makers in real time giving them the power to be proactive in problem-solving versus reactive.

A flexible and robust solution like EBMS is capable of handling a wide array of workflows and processes. Part of learning the tools in your toolbelt is honing the skill to use them.



User training and onboarding

Increasing ERP engagement through training on the tools at your disposal boosts employee productivity which increases company efficiency. With the national unemployment rate being the lowest it has ever been at 4.1%, labor is hard to come by which means it will come at a premium. Instead of struggling to find new labor for your business, use your existing team members to boost your company’s efficiency by learning to use the tools you have more productively!

A good training program is essential to using tools. As you outline and improve the way your company operates, it is necessary to learn how that transfers to your ERP. Training employees on how to map these improvements, know which tools to use, and learn how to use them efficiently will enable your staff to do their job well. An ERP is designed to assist you with running every part of your organization. Having key people in every part of your organization using tools that connect them to the rest of the business is how you begin to create a trajectory for success.

Adding new users to your ERP platform increases process consistency by means of greater departmental alignment. More people utilizing the same tools and processes will give you a more consistent and uniform outcome with fewer mistakes and more company visibility.



Form the right partnerships

We all know that having the right partnerships in business is key to long-term success. Businesses that complement each other or provide a more seamless vertical integration strengthens and adds value to your efforts. Partnering with an ERP provider allows the value of the software to be fully realized. The Solutions Consultants at Eagle Business Software consist of professionals skilled in various industries who can assist you with the outline of workflows and business processes that implement into EBMS which ultimately shortens the Return on Investment timeline.

Clients will be assigned to a Solutions Consultant that will stay with them throughout the consulting process, getting to know their business and providing personal insights and industry-specific best practices. Our consultants will have monthly progress meetings to review challenges and successes and to adjust long-term goals if necessary.



Resource Planning

Taking a proactive approach to building and strengthening your business gives you direction now and in the future. Defining and outlining goals helps to build a framework in which to operate, taking the guesswork out of next steps. Assessing the needs of your company now and a year from now gives you a unique advantage. If your company is on track to grow by 10% in revenue, which could fund the start of a new division, stock new inventory, or build a new product, you can plan for the implementation of new processes and modules to sustain your business now.

Thinking ahead gives you a competitive edge in your market by setting you up your future for success. Our team of consultants will help your managers outline key goals vital to your company’s annual growth. Then they will break these down into a step-by-step process outline of what needs to be done quarterly and monthly to achieve your long-term goals by continuously aligning EBMS with your company’s needs. Our team will be by your side every step of the way.

Boosting productivity brings added value at a nominal cost, ensuring that the “R” is bigger than the “I” in ROI.

This is a limited time offer. Take advantage of this offer before it expires the end of labor day week. There is a limit of one free 90 minute session per client.

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