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How to Empower Your Sales Team with Our Order Management App

on March 02, 2022

Think through all the ways that your company sells product. Are your salespeople interacting with customers away from your point-of-sale system, whether in outside sales, sales lots, or through direct delivery? How are your salespeople recording information during those interactions?

A common challenge of doing sales away from the counter is the paper trail that it creates. Using physical order forms is inefficient, increases the risk of error, and reduces visibility throughout the sales process. When your team fills out orders with pen and paper, they lack valuable information that would help them make an informed sale such as available stock, customer information, materials lists, and updated product pricing. When they do finish taking the order, they have to bring the paperwork back to the office and re-enter all that information into the computer. This type of tedious work can frustrate your team, waste time and money, and leave your customers feeling lost in the process. In today’s automated and connected world, no business should have to rely on inefficient paper processes.


The Advantages of a Paperless Sales Process

Businesses that eliminate paper trails, empower their first-line workers, and implement an electronic workflow are able to keep processes aligned throughout their company, which increases overall visibility and makes it easier to pinpoint inefficiencies.

With the right technology (like the MyOrders app) a salesperson out on the road can be as fully equipped as one working the showroom floor. It's possible for data to be accessed and updated in real-time, remotely.  Your sales team can have the ability to complete a sale wherever they are, and when they return to the office they won’t need to enter or verify the sale in the computer because they were able to do so from their phone or tablet.

Talk with your Account Manager about My Orders


Picture an outside salesman who can open an app on his phone and create or edit as many sales orders as he needs to in a day, changing billing and shipping information, verifying product availability and pricing, and recording payment. Imagine a worker making a sale from the lot with a tablet in hand, scanning in product right then and there, and entering in all the customer information needed without having to walk back to the counter. Even delivery drivers can benefit from mobile order management tools by recording payments, capturing signatures, and taking & saving photos when they drop off product as proof of delivery. When your first-line sales team is equipped with the right tools, they can do their jobs easier and faster and drive more revenue for your company.

If your company is using EBMS, you may want to talk with your Account Manager about the MyEBMS companion apps. These apps make it possible to keep first-line workers connected to the data they need, even if they’re not seated at a computer. In the case of outside sales, direct deliveries, or sales lots, the MyOrders app keeps the entire process aligned by providing the basic functionality of EBMS Order Entry, accessible from any mobile device. This order management app updates in real-time with your EBMS data set, so that your first-line workers are working off the same information that is available to those back in the office.

MyOrders Notables Features

  • Ability to search and view all sales documents (including invoices)
  • Open and edit sales orders
  • Create new sales orders
  • Edit Bill to, Ship to, and Salesperson
  • Search for items and add them to the sales order
  • Estimate Shipping (using the ShipEngine integration)
  • Record Payments & Signature Capture
  • Scanning using the phone/tablet camera or an add-on scanner
  • Send an invoice by email (using AutoSend)
  • Saving images/pictures
  • Materials Lists

This app equips teams with powerful sales tools right at their fingertips and can be used on its own or with other MyEBMS apps for additional functionality. Keep your entire sales team connected and increase operational efficiency by simplifying your workflow (and eliminating paper trails) with mobile apps. Reach out to your Account Manager to discuss MyOrders and assess your needs.

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