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Getting techs to the job has never been easier!

on September 08, 2020

An important part of getting service jobs done is having an efficient way to schedule and dispatch technicians.

Many people prefer to see schedules laid out in a dispatch calendar or board.  These dispatch boards make it easy to tell which technicians are busy or available, check the status of a job, and reschedule quickly.

Now the new EBMS MyDispatch makes it possible for your dispatchers to view technicians across multiple jobs and routes at-a-glance. MyDispatch

Here are 5 great reasons to use a dispatch board:  

  • Color coded schedule view. The daily view with multiple technician schedules and color coded task options, make it easy to view and manage changing schedules at-a-glance.
  • Easy rescheduling. Quickly assign tasks to technicians with a simple drag/drop visual display. Efficiently adjust schedules as jobs are completed early or run long. 
  • Real-time progress. Know exactly where your techs are during the day to keep up with your techs and the jobs they are working on. The on-screen map shows the current location of each technician so that you can view real-time progress. 
  • Simple task management. Quickly create, edit, and assign tasks for multiple technicians. Simple queries allow you to view new task lists and easy editing allows you to add notes on the fly.
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  • Seamless interaction.  This app is fully integrated with EBMS CRM, work orders, payroll, and billing tools. Take your jobs from start to finish quickly and efficiently. 

Did you know that EBMS has a field service app that can arm your technicians for success? In a world where time equals money, the MyTime field service app can be used alongside the dispatch board to super charge your service department.

There are many ways a service business can be more efficient by using a dispatch board. Put the power of scheduling in the hands of your dispatcherRequest a Demo to discover how this tool could work for you!  

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