It’s been another long winter, and spring could not be more welcome, especially if you are in the outdoor power business. Backyards are becoming green again, flowerbeds are budding with color, and your business is in full swing. EBMS is here to help you with your busy season, with helpful modules that are specific to the outdoor power industry.

If you have a retail location, then an erp for equipment dealers with a good Point-of-Sale system is necessary. Our Xpress POS system allows the user to quickly sell parts or a serialized item (like a mower or chainsaw), and can also handle down payments, special order products, and billing all within the same POS screen. Inventory management is also crucial in this line of work, and EBMS allows you to easily handle stock parts, special order parts, and serialized equipment. The user can also catalog parts into folder groups for organizing a large inventory and find parts more quickly.

Another valuable feature of the EBMS software is the fact that it interfaces with ARI’s PartSmart electronics parts catalog. Look up thousands of parts and view their part numbers, costs, pricing, and availability all while in EBMS. Parts can also be exported directly into a sale order or work order. List prices in EBMS can also be directly updated from the PartSmart catalog. This integration of the PartSmart catalog takes a few steps out of the process, saving you time and money.

Being able to manage service and repairs is also an important aspect of the outdoor business. Work orders can be created for tracking parts and labor for a repair job. Using tasks in the Task module, you can schedule, bill time and record notes are very helpful when it comes to organizing service and repair jobs. This module also allows you assign service technicians, as well as evaluate personnel efficiency.

The rental module is an optional feature for businesses that lease power equipment, whether that’s to homeowners or contractors. This software for equipment rental companies creates a rental contract that can be based on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and other rates. Equipment rentals scheduling and service history tracking can also be done through this module.

There are many other features of EBMS that can be useful to your business, and we would be happy to answer any of your questions and go into more detail about them. Give us a call, and enjoy the spring weather that has finally arrived!

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