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Client Journey: A note from the CCO

on March 02, 2020

My, oh, my—where did 2019 go? In the blink of an eye we are well on our way into 2020. Last year was fast-paced and full of changes.

I spent much of the last year staying in touch with with our clients and laying out next steps as we launched our new user-based subscription model. Here are some reflections on where we were and an update on where we are this year. 

Over the last two years we’ve been working hard to define a new client experience for you, our valued client. Your journey with us matters. At the very core of our business design is an ardent effort to be easy to do business with. Many of you have shared that this hasn’t been satisfactory in our past. Much of the changed business model today is designed to be client focused. Most of what we do and provide today feels different because of client feedback and suggestions.

Many of you have met and learned to know an account manager over the last nine months. If you haven’t met with a manager yet, be assured you will be soon as we finish engaging with each client personally by the end of Q1. Each of you has an account manager assigned to journey with your business. It has been fun learning to know who you are and what it takes to run your business at the ERP level.

We are focused on bringing your voice into all that we develop in the future. As many of you are aware, we are continuing to invest in new technologies. The progress is coming along. One benefit of the platform development is the new app designs and features that we are excited to start rolling out this year. More will be introduced to you as new tools are ready to be put to work in your business. In the meantime, we remain committed to enhancing EBMS and getting future versions into general release. 

Please know that your feedback and insight are valuable to us as we continue to learn how to better serve you, our client. Your voice matters on many levels. In fact, much of what I hear and learn through client engagement and discussion is brought to our executive table as well as team training and coaching.

Our client-facing groups are listening and eager to share what we hear and learn as we continue to sharpen our tools and skills. Our goal is to provide a quality product with your needs and journey in mind and I love it when your ideas and situations show up at the core of decision-making. 

We are excited to continue our partnership with you as we journey together towards success. 

Blessings! All the best, 

Rodney Smoker
CCO, Eagle Business Software

Rodney Smoker

Rodney is Chief Client Officer at Eagle Business Software