Eagle Business Software Turns 30

on October 31, 2019

Eagle Business Software began in 1989 before the internet even existed. Now 30 years later we are celebrating this milestone by looking into the future; it is truly just the beginning.  

Our success has only been possible through the contribution of many: 

  • To our clients, thank you for allowing our team to be a part of your business success 
  • To our employees, it’s been a blast working hard with you all and we thank you for creative and hard work. It is nice to have you all by our side.  
  • To our executive team, thank you for guiding us through the last years and getting us to this anniversary.  
  • To everyone who has supported our mission of partnering with small business to facilitate business growth - thank you and cheers!  


An interview with the founder, Jake Esh... 


How did technology change in the last 30 years?  

A better question may be, "how did it not change in the last 30 years!" It may be hard for the young folks to imagine, but back when the business started, the internet did not even exist and communication was extremely limited. I purchased my first IBM PC in the 1980’s. That computer had no internal storage or hard drive, contained only 64K of RAM, and the monitor was very small with black and white only.  It has certainly been an interesting challenge to run a tech company from the early tech to the laptops, smart phone, and internet based communication of today.  

How did you first become interested in tech?  

I was first exposed to basic PC programming when my younger brother took a software development class in high school. This piqued my interest.  Self-learning and a local vocational school gave me the basic education I needed to get started. I was then able to connect with several other software developers to enhance my knowledge.  

How did you get started?  

One of the challenges of starting a small business is the needed capital to get established.  Both my father and father-in-law encouraged me to pursue the programming profession despite the financial needs of my young family. Both men financed the company and gave valuable advice in starting the business.  

I also credit the timing of key advisors, employees, and business opportunities, to the guidance of God. During those initial years I received multiple ideal opportunities that matched my current skill.  

What has been your biggest support in growing this business?  

My brother Glenn Esh, now CTO and part of the executive team, has been part of the company since the beginning. His skilled ability to fine tune processes, critique new ideas, and guide the details of the company has been invaluable!  

My wife and family supported the long hours and hard work required to launch a technology startup.   

Microsoft Corp partnered with many of us small tech companies and gave us access to programming tools and cutting-edge technology without needing to make a large initial investment.  

What are some challenges you have faced?  

In the first years it was challenging to navigate all the options and decide which technologies to study and implement. The rapidly changing technology has made learning and adapting quickly an ongoing challenge.   

In retrospect, what are some things you would do differently?  

I would not open additional locations.  These secondary locations (now closed) distracted us from our core business. The current global business culture and tech allows us to reach a wide area without the headache and cost of multiple locations.  

We were slow to adapt a price structure required to provide the level of support needed. With better technology came increased demands of ERP software in business operations. In retrospect, I can see how this put mounting pressure on our customer support staff and we should have compensated more quickly.

What are some decisions that have most benefited the company?  

Partnering with more technical individuals, including my brother Glenn, who have critiqued ideas and processes to develop better results.  

Early on we created a management team of four to five men that have helped steer the company.  This valuable team helped us grow in many ways that would not have been possible with my restricted time and talent.  

Lastly, after steering the company for 25 years, we started the transition of management to younger more aggressive individuals. Our executive team is currently Mike Stoltzfus (CEO), Nathaniel Gingrich (COO), Glenn Esh (CTO), and Rodney Smoker (CCO).   Restructuring and diversifying our leadership team gives me confidence that we can continue to provide business solutions for the future. This transition continues to have huge payoff! 

What excites you about the future? 

Currently we are investing considerable time, design, and programming into a brand new third generation of EBMS! We are excited to introduce this innovative solution that combines recent technology with our experience of the past 30 years. Stay tuned to hear more about this exciting new product. 

Any closing comments?  

I have enjoyed the unique challenges and results of starting a tech company during a time of unprecedented change. Thank you to our many customers, employees, and vendors for contributing to the success of the last 30 years!

Our Team
The Team at Eagle Business Software, 2019

Eagle Business Software

Eagle Business Software has developed and expanded the accounting software known as Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS). EBMS evolved from a strong need for a good business software that contained flexibility and reliability without the costly price tag of the larger business packages. The EBMS software includes tools to streamline order entry, manage inventory including large parts lists, labor and work order management, kitting and manufacturing, and comprehensive accounting tools. Tools such as integrated web-based e-commerce solutions, bar code and POS tools, and integrated payment solutions are also available to complete an integrated business management solution. Today the EBMS software solution is used by hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada.