Get the Brand New EBMS App

on February 26, 2020

We live in a mobile world where instant communication is expected. The brand new MyEBMS app is available for install with more features being available throughout the year! 

The first feature of this brand new app allows you to quickly access, edit, and interact with customer info from wherever you are. Customers is the first feature available in the MyEBMS app and can be installed anytime!

Available on iOS and Android, this light and powerful app is connected with the EBMS customer database to give you maximum flexibility. Accomplish day-to-day communication without being tethered to the office!


Need to make a call on the road? Record a prospective customers info? Get directions for a customer’s location? Quickly update info or terms? Do it all - right from your mobile device.  

The Customers feature allows you to: 

  • Edit existing customer contact and terms info 
  • Record new customers info 
  • Search for existing customers 
  • Pin favorites to the home screen 
  • Quickly call, text, email, and get directions  
  • See multiple contacts for any customer (*CRM module must be installed in EBMS)MyCustomers

Best of all, the MyEBMS app with the Customers feature is FREE with your EBMS subscription! That’s right, we are giving away this app for free to any client with an existing EBMS subscription.  

Customers is only the first of many features to come in the MyEBMS app. Keep a lookout for more features including MyOrders, MyProposals, MyTasks, and more.  


Setup & Install 

So how do we get MyEBMS connected to your data and working at your place of business? Watch this short video for access requirements and a few simple steps to get started.


View step-by-step documentation here.

Download MyEBMS from your app store:

  1. Get it on Google Play for Android

  2. Get it on Apple App Store for iOS

  3. Get it on Microsoft Store for Windows

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