6 Big Benefits of eCommerce ERP Integration

on September 19, 2019

Ecommerce platforms have revolutionized the way products are sold.

With the increase of sales online many businesses have opted to run an online store alongside their brick and mortar marketplace. Often business owners use an eCommerce platform and an ERP software as two separate components. This results in tedious product maintenance, a disjointed customer experience, and manual sales processes.

ERP software contains abundant critical data about customers, suppliers, inventory, shipping, sales, and orders. Much of this same data is used in e-commerce, but if the systems can’t talk to each other, employees are likely re-entering data from ERP into e-commerce and vice versa.

Now ERP integration with ecommerce connects your online store with existing business processes to automatically update product pricing and details, provide a seamless online account experience, and process orders using the existing sales process.


Companies that integrate their ecommerce store and market place with their back-office accounting software, enjoy an online customer portal, less maintenance time, shorter order cycles, streamlined administration, and a host of other benefits.

6 Big Benefits of Ecommerce ERP Integration

  • Customers Access Accounts 24/7

    Enable customers to view order history, unique pricing, and inventory availability as well
    as place orders and pay invoices - all after your business hours. By integrating online customer accounts with ERP accounts, Business to Business (B2B) clients can conveniently
    view product availability and order history while reordering with their specific pricing and payment terms. This creates a self-service customer experience and makes it convenient for repeat customers to interact with your company.

  • Integrated Sales Processes

    Orders are automatically entered into the existing sales process, inventory is adjusted,
    shipping is calculated, and payments are recorded while simultaneously reducing the human resources needed. Employees no longer have to manually input data from one platform to another (e.g. shipping info, inventory levels, customer info, order details); instead communication takes place automatically, saving time and money.

  • Efficient Product and Price Changes

    Accurate product pricing, details and availability are updated in real time without hiring
    additional staff to manage these tasks. Because the website is connected to your product
    catalog you can automatically list new products, display special pricing, and accurately
    display stock levels with minimal additional work.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Make it easy for customers to access their account as well as get up-to-date product information and availability anywhere, anytime. This increases customer satisfaction and
    loyalty, making it more likely they will return to buy again.

  • Reduced Data Entry & Costs

    Integration eliminates the requirement of re-entering data which in turn reduces
    manual data entry, human involvement, and errors. The up-to-date inventory and web
    sales information allows managers to forecast and purchase inventory in a proper way,
    reducing costs and improving management.

  • Better Control of Your Business

    The integrated nature of the eCommerce sales process with other business functions
    gives business owners better reports and visibility into accounting, sales, and inventory
    functions. It unifies eCommerce with inventory, sales, and financials, improving communication between internal departments and giving you one holistic picture of your company.

We are taking our intuitive feature packed ERP solution, Eagle Business Management Software
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Whether you’re looking to add an integrated customer portal or full product store to your existing website, or build a brand new dynamic website, we would love to partner with you to
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efficiency for your in-house staff.

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Denver Wholesale Foods“We enter product on a purchase order and when I save that with quantity received, it immediately goes on inventory and within minutes it’s on the website.”

- Denver Wholesale Foods

blog-ipad“Adding items is a breeze – create it in EBMS, add
the necessary website content like title, photo, and
description, tick the checkbox to “Show Item
Online”, and watch it appear on the website. And
handling orders! – My, what a labor savings to see
the orders come into EBMS and process them
there. We were able to handle A LOT more orders
in the same amount of time.”
- Kauffmans Fruit Farm

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