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5 Tools to Jumpstart the New Year

on December 12, 2018

Like a true entrepreneur you are probably analyzing this past years challenges and planning for next years growth.

So what do you need to make next year the best year? We went ahead and put together a
quick list of exciting EBMS features that eliminate headaches, solve bottlenecks, and position
your business for growth!

mytimeTrack Labor on the Go
My Time App

Empower service techs and sales reps to track time while in the shop, on the road, or around the world. Don’t wait until the end of the day to record a long list of details. Now efficiently manage work orders, record parts used, and track time spent - all right from your mobile device.

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DashboardGet Real Time Dashboards & Reports

The SQL Mirror puts EBMS data to work for you by creating a mirrored copy that can be accessed by popular external software. Businesses are pulling EBMS data into production, shipping, schedule, and software tools to leverage data, generate lightning fast reports, and publish powerful business intelligence dashboards.

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CRMReduce Redundant Tasks

Automatically schedule and send a variety of documents to customers, vendors, and employees directly from EBMS. Batch
send statements to customers with a balance due, purchase
orders to the vendor at the end of the day, and direct deposit
slips to employees to reduce redundant tasks and simplify back
office management.

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EBS_Auto_Feature_Part_SearchAccess Vendor Catalogs from Point-of-Sale

Are you spending valuable time flipping through vendor catalogs or crawling vendor websites looking for parts and pricing? Now use powerful product lookup tools to get instant access to updated vendor parts lists, price files, and product availability directly from Point-of-Sale.

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Plan. Align. Execute.

Do you have the right business tools in your toolbox? Are you
using them with skill and effectiveness? Sometimes the only
roadblock between you and growth is optimizing a process,
training staff, or aligning a few resources.

This year take a proactive approach by partnering with an experienced solutions consultant to solve bottlenecks, attack the challenges, and drive your business to success.

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EBMS, your ERP Software, is a feature rich toolset that allows you to craft a custom set of software 
tools. Flexible modules and industry tailored solutions are custom packaged to address the specific needs of your company.

Whether you have used EBMS for years or are just starting out, we want to make sure you are
aware of the new features and utilizing all the tools available. 

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Eagle Business Software has developed and expanded the accounting software known as Eagle Business Management Software (EBMS). EBMS evolved from a strong need for a good business software that contained flexibility and reliability without the costly price tag of the larger business packages. The EBMS software includes tools to streamline order entry, manage inventory including large parts lists, labor and work order management, kitting and manufacturing, and comprehensive accounting tools. Tools such as integrated web-based e-commerce solutions, bar code and POS tools, and integrated payment solutions are also available to complete an integrated business management solution. Today the EBMS software solution is used by hundreds of companies throughout the US and Canada.